The DH season has now well and truly got underway. After a bit of a bumpy ride from a logistics point of view, Alasdair got down to Cape Town on Thursday and was collected from the airport by Cycles Africa’s Duncan Ngema and taken back to their offices, were his bike was waiting certacy of Omnico. A huge thank you has to go to Rob and his team from Cycles Africa for all their help and support, and to Vincent at Omnico for helping get Al’s bike to CT. You guys rock.

Another huge thank you to Andre Pretorius and his family for their help. The DH community truely has some awesome people in it and if it wasn’t for Mevrou Pretorius, Al would have been sleeping at the track. So again thank you to the Pretorius family for their gracious help.

Alasdair seems to have really had a lot of fun and managed to suprize a few riders, with a stella seeding run, that put him ahead at international rider Andrew Neethling. I’m really stoked for Al and I know this year is going to be awesome for him. Here is his take on the weekend, in his own words.

“I went to the 1st DH national race of the season super amp. On my new Morewood Makulu and new Dakine kit. I was felling super confident. I arrived in Cape Town on Thursday and went to the track on Friday. We had to walk to the top of the track on Friday because there wasn’t a shuttle. when I saw this track I got so excited. It was a super-fast and loose track.

Muddy Al

Pretty muddy looking Alasdair, after a day of getting his drift on.

On Saturday we had practice and it was raining hard. It was so much fun riding in the mud with my Onza Greina semi mud tiers. They were super grippy. I got some good solid runs in on the track on Saturday, in practice.

Ali - Cat

Big mid-section jump.

Sunday Race Day. It was raining when we got to the track and I did two practice runs down the track. I was feeling very confident. I went up for my seeding run after siking myself up with some crazy music. My cheeks were hurting from smiling so much. I was excited to see who would be the fast riders this year. I had an awesome seeding run placing 3rd overall. I was really happy about that result.

The sun decided to come out just before our race runs the track turned into a high way and was super-fast. I had a really good race run placing 7th overall. (Less the one second separated Al and the four riders ahead of him.)

It was a awesome weekend at Jonkershoek and I miss the track already. I would just like to thank all the people that got me to the race and helped me at the track. And a big thanks to all the sponsors. It’s going to be an amazing year.”

Well there you have it. The first National Cup race of the year is done and Team Sputnik Corporation did good. Alasdair comes comes away with a valuable 115 points and he feels good about it. As he says, “It’s going to be an amazing year.”

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