Another National has come and gone. The Gauteng round of the National Cup Series was no easy feat for them that aren’t used to the dry and dusty High Felt conditions. Alasdair

went up and represented for Team Sputnik Corp and hooked a podium to boot.

What a great view.

What a great view.

Word fro Al “Our round 3 race of the SA DHI National Cup Series was held Thaba Trails in Gauteng.

I drove up on Friday early in the morning. I got to the track for track walk by mid-day. This track was super dusty, rocky and rough on the lungs there is no air there at all.

I went up for first practice run on my bike felt a bit sketchy because I was tired from the trip up.  So I went to relax and have a good sleep to try some dodgy lines on Saturday.

 On Saturday Conrad gave me some good tips on how to set up my suspension. My Bike was feeling mint. I did a couple runs down the track trying some lines. I ended up taking a nasty fall off one of the drop offs getting some good bruises on the body and felt quite sore.

Gauteng Podium

A solid fifth and another podium for Alasdair


Big Drop

The huge huck into the finish area.

Race day
I was pretty keen to race just was battling to breath a lot on the track. I had two good practice runs then chilled out for my seeding run.

On my seeding the track was getting very loose and blown out, I ended up doing a 2:10 in my seeding run placing me in 4th place.

My race run I had a good warm up and smashed the track, I came into one of the flat sections went a bit off the track and peddled super hard to try clear the jumps but ended up landing a little short but I pushed super hard to the finish. I did my race run in 2:05 taking a good 5 seconds off my seeding run. I ended up being placed 5th overall.  I was super stoked to be on the podium box again.

I would like to say a big thanks to everyone that helped me and a huge shout out to all the sponsors.  You guys are absolutely awesome.”

Bottom Out!

That Fox Racing Shox suspention working hard on a full bottom out.

Again from my side, I just want to say a huge thank you to all our sponsors and especially Monster Energy for their support at the event. You are all awesome!


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