Let me start by saying that I am not looking for you to answer this with your opinion, just getting it off my chest, so I can work it out.

Steph and I have talked about moving to Germany, on and off for a long time. Last year when we got to travel there together, it re-sparked (can you say re-sparked) the conversation. Being out side of South Africa for the first time in my life made me see how different things really are. I realized how safe people can really feel. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think that crime doesn’t happen outside of Africa, but we did feel safer.


The talks backed off as we settled into the idea of living in JoBurg and started to love being close to family. I got a pretty good job and Steph had lots to do, so we kind of stopped thinking about moving. We started working hard on our house, to make it feel more like our space, our home. We settled for the fact that this is where we are meant to be.

There stuff on the news started to get to us. A little boy is dragged behind his mom’s car during a hijacking. HE dies. Another boy is taken with the car in a hijacking and left on his own in the middle of JoBurg city. He was five and walked around on his own for a day, before he was found. How will he deal with that? Another boy shot in the head in a drive by, a giraffe is killed on the highway, because the people who were moving him didn’t load him in the truck correctly, people are hurt and property damaged in ridiculous strike action that happens everyday. Today a three year old boy was kidnapped and burned to death. We haven’t be directly affected by these crimes, but how long till we are? We are affected though.

We are scared. Steph worries about being hijacked, I worry that falling off our bikes is not the worst thing that could happen to us, when we go riding. When I’m not with them, I constantly worry about Steph ans Eliana. If I send a text to Steph, and she doesn’t reply pretty quickly, I start phoning. If she still doesn’t answer, I panic. Is that how we should be living?

I realize the there are bad people everywhere, but are they all filled with as much hatred and disregard for life as the people in South Africa? Yes, in some cases they are. In the Middle East there are people beheading little children because they are Christians. That’s messed up. People all over the world people have little regard for life on the whole. I Japan people kill thousands of dolphin for sport, in the the USA rednecks kill people, dogs and tons of other stuff, because of religion, sex, or because their daddies didn’t hug them.

What to do then? Trust God? Learn to survive? Stop listening to the radio and stay off Facebook, so we don’t have to know everything that happens? The radio and TV do harp on about things. Facebook has made it so that every atrocity in the world is thrown in your face. But the fact is that I’m a dad and a husband, living in a city that scares me, that was voted the meanest city on earth, and I love and care for my family, and don’t want them violated or killed.

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