Stephanie Davies

36 Years Old

Conrad Davies

39 Years Old
Graphic Designing Mountain Bike Nut or Mountain Bike Mechanic who does some Graphic Design.

9429470944_a8ef717ce1I am a full time freelance graphic designer, with a thing for Bicycles. Sometimes I’m a full time bike nut that does some graphic design.

I’ve worked in the bicycle industry, on and off,  for the past 10 years, while doing a lot of graphic design, web design and video editing and animation. Working for bike shops as well as whole salers has taught me a lot about the industry as well as about the more technical site of  bicycles. I have worked for Fox Racing shox in South Africa and therefore am Alasdair’s pro mechanic. Also I pride myself on been able to build a wheel that will “stand”.

From a design side, I have worked for an Apple Authorised Resaller – where I earned myself an Adobe Certification – a video editing firm called Missing Link and a bunch of really cool clients. I started as a web designer, but soon realised that I enjoyed making this pretty, more than just coding stuff. I started to do some pretty advanced Flash stuff, for it’s time and that is when Missing Link took an interest in me. They liked my style of animation and asked me to work with them on the Renault Modus launch they where busy with. I fell in love this the idea of telling a story through a motion picture and still try to do as much video work as I can.

2013 hasn’t worked out as well as I’d hoped, but the future is still bright and the adventure carries on.

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