WOW! It’s been a seriously long time since I wrote a blog post and so much has happened. Sorry for the lack of posts, but things have been crazy. I got retrenched, have been starting new things and life has been pretty hectic.

First the job thing: Velo Life and I just didn’t seem to see eye to eye, so when it came time to tighten the belt there, they chose to let me go. I am not entirely happy, but not to un-happy either. I needed to change things and this it just the push I needed to get out and do things on my on. And to focus on Team Sputnik Corporation. So all in all its a good thing.

Then what’s been going gown in our racing life: Unfortunately I have missed most of the races that have happened this year and won’t even be going to World Champs as a competitor, but rather a mechanic. Alasdair on the other hand has been thrashing at every race.

He managed a great fifth over all in the National Cup Series and the National Champs, despite some nasty crashes in those events. He also pulled off an amazing third in the KZN Provincial Champs, held earlier this month. The Amazing part is that his brakes failed right at the beginning of his final run and he made it to the bottom, just a few seconds of the leader, with about 5% of his total braking. Well done dude!

From the photo shoot for Drift Innovations team page

From the photo shoot for Drift Innovations team page 

From a sponsor point of view, and this is the real exciting part, Drift Innovation  have come on board as a personal sponsor for Al and have already done some great things with him. Check out the video.

Drift Innovations HD Ghost

So to round off this post, just a huge thank you to all of our sponsors: Morewood Bikes, DaKine, CSixx, Nixon Now, Loaded, Von Zipper, DDP Tech, Titanium Design, Pillar Spokes, Brake Authority, Onza Tires and Fox Racing Shox and thank you, and welcome to Monster Energy and Drift Innovations. You guys all rock!!!

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