This is a post from an old blog, I just dug it out, because there is a lot going on and I’m feeling sentimental.

I thought I’d just transcribe my speech for those at the wedding, who could not decipher my babbling.

brett_amandaI am stoked. I think that the lat time I said that – with feeling – was at my own wedding.

I really mean it:- Like a surfer gets the stoke, or that feeling a free rider gets at 70km/h on the gnarliest A-line he’s ever riden in his life. Or waking up next to the person you love and knowing it’s all good. A huge emotion, that overwhelms. There are no words in this world to explane how stoked I am for you- Mr and Mrs Dovey.

This day, our lives, it’s all a brilliant testiment to the goodness of our savior. To the greatness of things we don’t understand. God is amazing: He took Amanda and I to the very edge, to where we had to be on our knees. And then He brought us through, He has given us blessing after Blessing, and as I look back, I see His timing is perfect.

Steph and I have been married for 5 years next Saturday and will soon start a new adventure in our lives. Brett and Amanda start their new adventure today and I have faith that God will be there to see them – and us – through.

Most of you know that our folks have already past away. Two very deep dark valleys in our lives. However, many say that I am my fathers son and for that reason I can confidently say that daddy would be proud of his little girl. Seeing that I was mostly raised and influensed by mommy, I know that she would be proud of us, especially you guys, today. She would think of Brett as her own, and would spend hours digressing while telling her friends about her – now four – crazy kids and what they are getting up too.

I know that if Errol and Renee Davies where to day, they would be smiling.

To end off, to you guys (Brett and Amanda). My short experience in love and marrage is that the really do go together. Love eveloves, and that is often a painfull experience, but you stay close together and close to God, it will be a very fulfilling experience.

So stay close to each other and walk closely with God, and you be the old ducks, sitting at Bruce’s, yelling into each others good ears, reminising about surf, and life and kids and all those other good things.

God bless you both.

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