This past weekend we had a race down at Giba Gorge Bike Park. The track was insanely loose as usual for this time of year. The track is made up of a mixture of rocks and loose sand over hard pack. Loads of fun, but it keeps you on your toes.

First Podium in a While

First Podium in a While

It  was super fun getting to  smash some good practice runs over the weekend with my Drift HD Ghost. I would then take that footage home and watch watch my lines at night. The weekend was so hot, it was hard to keep your concentration the whole day. Lots of liquid in the body and you were golden.

On race day I got carried away and put about 6 practice runs down on the track because I was just having so much fun with all my mates.

First race run I had a clean run getting little loose around a few corners and at the bottom getting questions from spectators “How the hell did you stay on your bike”. I ended up qualifying 2nd overall was buzzing from the result finally back to some good results.

My final race run
Just before I went down there were a whole lot of location children running around. Their eye were massive when they saw our bikes so I let a few of them sit on my bike while I pushed them around and about was nice to see them all smiling and laughing. They all ended up sitting with me before I went down the track. I had a clean race run and place 3rd so I’m super happy to be back on the box again.

Huge shout out to all my sponsors you guys are the best.

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