Alasdair Pinned at Africa Continental Champs

Alasdair Pinned at Africa Continental Champs


This past week-end saw another one of the great events that will unfold at Cascades Mountain Bike Park, this year. It was the Africa Continental Mountain Bike Champs, and Team Sputnik Corp. had our eyes on some good results. Alasdair had been on course plenty in the weeks leading up the the race, but Conrad only got up to practice the week before. The course was the same at the 2009 World Cup track, but had been eroded and so changed a bit. The top section was super slippery, but seemed to be manageable at speed on out very grippy Onza Greina tires.

Sunday – pre-race – practice was going great, till Conrad managed to slip out on a landing in the hard, dryer mid part of the course. He didn’t want to quite, but went home that day with a huge haematoma on his hip and a black eye. A shot practice session on Wednesday convinced him that it may not be the best idea to try race on The week end. “My main goal for the year is to race World Champs in PMB and I don’t want to jeopardize that”.

Alasdair on the other hand was in great shape and ready to kick some butt on the weekend. Here is what he had to say about the weekend.

On the first day (Friday) of Africa Champs it was nice and hot in the morning and the track was running super-fast. After I had lunch and set off up to do more practice runs though, suddenly a big storm came over when I was at the top of the track. The track turned so muddy it was like ice. Even my Onzas weren’t hooking up.

Day two practice was very slick did a few runs in the mud. It was fun riding in the mud getting sideways. Practice went well on the Saturday. I gave my bike a good prep on Saturday night to get it ready for race day on Sunday.

I woke up on race day super ampt to race. Went the the track early and put on my mud tires. My practice run was amazing nothing went wrong in it.

Alasdair coming into the finishing area, after a less than stella run.

Alasdair coming into the finishing area, after a less than stella run.

In my seeding run I did a 5. 23 down the track. I was happy about the run I had done. This put me second fastest, behind Tiaan. When the race run came i was super excited to hit it down the track. Half way down the track I hit one of the jumps landed weirdly and hit my chest on my handle bars. Lucky I never crashed but got very winded and battled to peddle. I got to the bottom of the track with a time of 4.58. I had drop 26 seconds in my race run was happy about that. I placed 8th in Africa, which is still pretty cool, but I would love to have done better.

I proved in on pace and that all the training is paying off. I’m Super excited for the next big race coming up. Can’t wait to get back in the start gate.

I would like to say a big shout out to all the people that have helped me and all the sponsors you guys are truly amazing


Well there you have it. Till next time.

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